Grupo RC
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RC Express
Infrastructure and personnel trained in ocean containers transport.
Transportadora Tres Generaciones
Ocean containers transport in the Altamira and Monterrey area.
RC International Express
Import and Export between Mexico and the United States.
RC Pavimentaciones e Inmobiliaria
Construction, paving, special projects, equipment rental...
CMV Logistics Inc.
Specialized equipment to service the drilling industry in USA.


We are a Mexican company established in 1997. During the past 14 years, Grupo RC has served as a diversified, quality carrier that specializes in container cargo movement.
Thanks to the loyalty of our customers and the dedication of our employees we have remained at the forefront of this sector.

We provide Mexico with the economic development and growth it needs; with innovative trucking services appropriate to our customer┬┤s needs. Being this a strategic element that allows us to be competitive in both domestic and international arenas.

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