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CMV Logistics Inc.

Texas development and growth requires innovative transport services and adequate insurance to its vitality. For this reason, we are looking to expand as a reliable company throughout the United States of America.
We are currently located in Converse and Midland, Texas.
CMV Logistics Inc. has over 15 years of experience in the transport industry.
CMV Logistics, Inc. focuses on solutions that meet the needs of their customers and coordinates all the necessary equipment, staff and logistics to provide exceptional service at competitive prices. CMV Logistics Inc. offers specialized transport of materials for companies involved in the oil industry within the state of Texas.
CMV Logistics Inc. has complete liability insurance coverage.
  • 40´ model 2010-2013 trailers.
  • GPS on all units.
  • 5 Winch trucks.
  • 30 vacuums trucks.
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