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RC Pavimentaciones e Inmobiliaria

Our company’s experience is based on its technical staff profile, which expands widely throughout the construction sector, with experience in works such as civil, mechanical, metallurgical, etc.

Our services:

  • Construction of roads and locations for oil facilities.
  • Construction of maneuvers boxes for the drilling industry.
  • Transport rental for machinery and equipment.
  • Heavy machinery rental.
  • Remove, cut, and DDV leveling.
  • Supply, extraction and loading of coating material.
  • Supply and installation of fences.
  • Drill hole retention construction.
  • Cattle guard manufacture and installation.
  • Special works (bridges, accesses, ditches, culverts).
  • Signs manufacture and installation.
  • Construction of asphalt based roads and streets.

Paving and Construction.

Here are a few of the main services carried out by our company in the state of Tamaulipas:
  • Construction of access roads to oil facilities.
  • Construction of maneuver boxes for drilling industry.
  • Paving of streets.
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